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faith and prayer

Words cannot express the immense power that faith and prayer have had on us during our time of trial. Hundreds of people, including our family, our church community, other friends, and caring strangers continue to pray. We are truly experiencing God's grace.

The power of prayer enabled us to see that treatment for Tom could not be handled locally. Through a series of God directed incidents, we were guided to the Mayo Clinic. Prayer led us to the Rochester Mennonite Guest House, where their awesome Christian ministry in action sustained us.

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Prayers led us to a treatment plan that, while excruciatingly aggressive, also included incredible reconstructive surgery. Prayers gave Tom the strength to endure his loss of an eye, his surgeries, and his feelings of helplessness and moments of despair while in intensive care. Prayers kept me from falling apart when facing the darkest hour. Prayers surround our children. Prayers continue to provide angels in human form to minister to us.

What we have relayed here is only a small portion of the miracles we are experiencing. We have no doubt about God's grace and the power of prayer.


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